2010 Dodge Challenger Convertible Long Island, NY

Sales and demand for the 2010 Dodge Challenger Convertible continue their growth on roadways around Long Island, NY. NY Dodge Challenger admirers love the fact they have easy access to lower than usual prices offered by Garden City Jeep Chrysler Dodge. Everything is up to par within this futuristic and iconic Dodge Challenger available for you to test drive today.

2010 Dodge Challenger Convertible Inventory

After admiring the flashy colors and exterior features you will then step inside the Challengers cockpit where you are greeted by the large matte steering wheel. On the steering wheel is several control buttons for features as audio, Bluetooth hands free calling, cruise control and other features. On the dashboard is LED lit up Speedometer and gauge bright lighting and the multimedia setup with additional audio hookups. Pure excitement surrounds anyone getting behind this big boy whose name did earn the “Pony car” title way back, but now it appears this pony grew to horse and stampedes highways everywhere. The Dodge Challenger SRT8 is perched on large 20” wheels, quad exhaust tips, nostalgic and finely placed details of chrome everywhere and the alloy of Genuine White Leather Seats. Rear seat DVD movie player is just the show stopper, who would have ever thought what we then thought couldn’t possibly be, has been proven by an object called the Dodge Challenger! And it is a convertible, now how sweet is that image in your mind?

Garden City Jeep Chrysler Dodge has a 2010 Dodge Challenger that will securely fit in the plans of low finance rates you need, and it will be done with no stress and unnecessary hassles. The Garden City Jeep Chrysler Dodge Finance Department work extensively to locate one of their many financial institutes who will fulfill our requested low finance rates. Contact us today and schedule your test drive in one of Garden City’s powerhouse 2010 Dodge Challenger Convertible. WATCH the Dodge Challenger Convertible VIDEO HERE

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