August 28, 2016

FCA US LLC is voluntarily recalling an estimated 64 trucks in the U.S. to replace their half-shafts.

A supplier advised FCA US that its heat-treating equipment may not have been operating according to specifications for a short period. An FCA investigation discovered that half-shafts manufactured during this time may have been installed on vehicles produced over a nine-day period in February, 2016.

Half-shafts accommodate propulsion by transmitting torque to a vehicle's wheels. If not manufactured according to specifications, they may be subject to fracture.

FCA is unaware of any related injuries, accidents, customer complaints or warranty claims. Nor is the Company aware of any component failures.

Affected by this campaign are certain model-year 2016 Ram 1500 pickups. An additional 35 trucks are subject to recall in Canada. No other markets are affected.

Affected customers will be advised when they may contact their dealers.

For more information, call: (877) 211-1992.

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