Recall: Rear Suspension Lower Control Arms

Safety Recall R33 - Rear Suspension Lower Control Arms

FCA US LLC announced a safety recall/stop drive on certain 2015 model year (WD/WK) Dodge Durango/Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles built from June 12, 2015 through June 20, 2015 (MDH 061207 through 062015).

The above vehicles may have rear suspension lower control arms that have been incorrectly heat treated during the manufacturing process.  This could cause the rear suspension lower control arm to break.  A broken rear suspension lower control arm(s), during certain driving conditions, could cause a loss of vehicle control and/or a crash without warning.

Owner Notification and Service Scheduling:
All involved vehicle owners known to FCA are being notified of the service requirement by first class mail. They are requested to schedule appointments for this service with their dealers. A generic copy of the owner letter is attached.
Enclosed with each owner letter is an Owner Notification postcard to allow owners to update our records if applicable.

For more information, call: 516-483-5777.

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