Side Airbag Inflatable Curtain Safety Recall Supplement TechTube- Available
DATE: February  12, 2016

FCA Performance Institute has released a new TechTube (course code TT06006).

TT06006 TechTube supports the service procedures involved with Safety Recall R47, affecting specific  2014-2015 Ram 1500 Quad Cab pickups built through August 8, 2015.  

This TechTube provides details regarding the following:
Lowering the headliner
Installing the headliner foil patches
Inspecting the side airbag inflatable curtains (SABIC) for proper assembly

This presentation is intended to support the recall documentation. Always refer to the published recall procedure for the most complete and up to date procedures.

For more information, call: 516-483-5777.

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