April 8, 2016

FCA US LLC announced a safety recall on 2015 and 2016 model year (VM) RAM ProMaster City vehicles. The above vehicles have a CAN-C bus communication connector located under the driver's seat that may develop internal connector pin corrosion due to moisture.
Corroded CAN-C bus communication connector pin(s) could lead to a loss of electrical contact and/or a loss of communication to the Transmission Control Module (TCM).
A loss of communication to the TCM could cause the transmission to perform an unrequested shift into neutral under certain driving conditions. The vehicle operator would be unable to reengage the transmission. This could cause a crash without warning.

NOTE: Corroded CAN-C bus communication connector pin(s) could also cause an engine "No Start" condition.
FCA US will conduct a voluntary safety recall. The CAN-C bus communication connector must be inspected for pin corrosion. Vehicles found with corroded CAN-C bus connector pin(s) must have the connector replaced.

All involved vehicles must also have the CAN-C bus communication connector relocated to a new location under the instrument panel.
Dealers will be notified of the launch of this safety recall by way of established methods used in the past.

For more information, call: (877) 211-1992.

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